The Simple Science

Science communicator
Reproductive biologist

My mission

Anybody can ‘communicate’ science, but it’s pretty difficult to do it effectively. Think of the miscommunication queen herself: Gweneth Paltrow. Her health brand, Goop, is built on misinterpretations of cherry-picked scientific research over the mountain of contradictory peer-reviewed scientific and medical evidence. Unfortunately, most people do not have a thorough enough understanding of what reliable science is – which could explain why Goop is valued at over >$250m USD from selling jade eggs to put in your vagina and claiming bras cause cancer (shakes head). This is where The Simple Science comes in.

I ‘m a reproductive biologist and science communicator, and I love to share my passion for science as far and as wide as I can. I’ve published peer-reviewed research, spoken at conferences, on the radio, on podcasts, and written several online opinion pieces to not only extend the reach of my own research but also to inspire and educate others!

My favourite part about being a science communicator is seeing the lightbulb moment, the ‘ahhhh’ moment, or when someone understands something completely foreign to them! I want to continue helping people understand and become passionate about science just as I am, and the only way to do that is to practice what I preach – To communicate fun, accurate science.

The Simple Science is there for anyone to discover the broad reach of science and how it plays into our lives while turning that inaccessible, jargon-heavy research from complex to casual.