Ockham’s Razor
Scientists don’t often get ‘soapbox’ moments, but, thankfully, I did! Ockham’s Razor, presented by Tegan Taylor, gave me (and 7 others) the opportunity to plug, sell, and inform the public about an important aspect of their career & research. Perhaps unsurprisingly, for me, that’s Spiny Mice & menstrual health research.

The Travelling Scientist
Funny story – Jesse Crowe and I actually met talking at Pint of Science and hit it off immediately. The only logical next step for us was to team up on his podcast: Travelling Science.

We spoke all things periods, penises, pregnancy, and a few other interesting repro-bio tidbits (for me anyway).

Radio Sci-Lens
After talking online for about 3years during COVID, I finally joined Dr Catriona Nguyen-Robertson on her podcast: Radio Sci-Lens.

Thankfully for me, this episode was all about reproduction! We spoke about inbreeding, parthenogenesis, menstrual cycles and spiny mice (mice favourite), and lastly, being endometriosis awareness month, I couldn’t not bring up endometriosis!

Let’s Talk SciComm
My podcast spell finally ended with an appearance on LetsTalkSciComm!

A/Prof Jen Martin, Michael Wheeler and I spoke about my own journey and experience with sci-comm while providing a few tips to young (and old!), budding sci-commers everywhere.

ABC Science Mondays
I’m back on TV!

Last time, Nate and I spoke about Rhino IVF and frog conservation, but this time we took a more tech-y approach. Facial recognition for endangered seadragons, drones to collect eDNA in trees, and the potential of future drone drug delivery systems!

West Gippsland 103.1
Slightly delayed, but I’ve been speaking regularly with Paul Strickland from 3BBR-FM about a BUNCH of topics including growing plants in space, how vaccines work, nuclear fusion and donkey IVF.

Paul and I have also decided to combine our sci-comm powers and work together on regular (monthly) radio chats – as well as on his podcast – to keep the sci-comm flowing!

ABC Science Mondays
Thanks to ABC News Breakfast’s new ‘Science Monday’s segment, I finally got my TV debut with meteorologist, Nate Byrne, and we chatted about some amazing animal work! Cardiac health in gorillas, IVF in Rhinos, and new breeding hopes for endangered frogs –

Lost In Science 2.0
Thankfully, the team at 3CR invited me back for another chat! This time, Chris and I spoke all about Tasmania Park… No dinosaurs, but Tasmanian Tigers instead. Could we bring them back from extinction…? SHOULD we bring them back…?

Well, tune into the 12/5/22 broadcast and hear my thoughts on the highly contentious topic!

Lost In Science
How did menstruation evolve? Why do some species have a period, but others don’t? What’s the difference between menstrual and oestrus cycles, and why does that matter for research?

Some of the topics the 3CR team and I discussed on 14/4/22 on my return to radio!

Ice, ice, baby
In this sci-comm venture, I condensed my PhD into a single video and filmed an intro/educational video teaching cryopreservation in 10 minutes or less!

Thanks so much to Technology Networks and Molly Campbell for reaching out and helping me get this across the line

Pitch Your PhD
This podcast is all about providing insight into the mysterious world of research and innovation that many do not hear about. Unless you listen to my podcasts, then you should know a lot about spiny mice, menstruation, and life as a PhD student – Which Dr Catherine Ball and I go into in this episode of Pitch Your PhD.

Avid Research
The woman behind sci-comm September!

Amelia Travers is an excellent science communicator and STEM advocate, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about my communication experience, what it’s like doing a PhD during a pandemic, and how to deal with burnout. Of course, I threw in a bit of spiny mouse in there, as well – Give me a break, they were my life for 4.5 years, okay?

Einstein A Go-Go
My first radio talk!

Each year, Dr Shane Huntington invites PhD students on his hit RRR show to talk about their research, their experience and everything in between – I was lucky enough to be one of those people!

Storytellers of STEMM
This was a fun one.

Rachel and I spoke a bit more about how a specific mouse, the Egyptian spiny mouse, can be used to study female reproductive health.

We also looked at how some of the assisted reproductive techniques we use in fertility clinics, can also be used to save animals from going extinct – not just us!

Curiosity Killed the Rat
Ever wondered how we study human reproduction without using actual humans? Which is better: A mouse or a gorilla?

Well, in this episode, Kade Huckstep and I talk about all of those things!